29th March
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Friday, July 02, 2010
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

Went Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School on tuesday for work. So near my house I just walked there myself! lols~ After that also walked back myself.. Do not need to worry for the transport fee!

Kisses & Huggies

e||en 7:27 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Wedding Dinner again~

This time wedding dinner at Swissotel! 5 stars!! Wheee~ Its also my relative but this time I also dunno how they related to me.. Too complicated~ =p Papa told me but I forgot! hurhur~ Only know that its the bride related to us~ hehe!

The food there so-so only. Service not bad lo.. Nothing fantastic~ At first a bit slow because they not like other places just put one dish in the middle of the table and we could get it ourselves, they served everything into 10 plates then they then served it to us. This may be goood service but not really to me. I prefer the whole dish on the table. After the first dish, they were like rushing for something. The dishes come so fast that we had not finish the previous one the next one already here.

Well afterall it was a very memorable dinner with papa, mama and some nice and humorous relative! ^^

Enjoy the photos~

Kisses & Huggies

e||en 6:05 PM

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have been told by many friends that Chinatown Point has one shop full of doraemon! And is literally ALL Doraemon!

Today finally have the chance to visit my dream shop lols!!

Before going there I already promised myself I would buy at least one thing! hehe.. I chose this!

hehe~ Its a lunch container~ Dardar promised to cook for me and use this to bring school for me! hehe!! Whee~

Kisses & Huggies

e||en 11:21 PM

Monday, June 07, 2010
Wedding Dinner at OCC~

This morning papa suddenly said that I need to attend wedding dinner with my parents. My cousin getting married! Well this cousin.. not very close with my family I don't even know how he looks like.. Only close with my papa may be.. lols!

Dinner at OCC, Orchid Country Club. It's at Yishun area, so near to me. They have a bus to fetch relative staying at my house area to there. How nice. Actually this is not the 1st time I had bus to wedding dinner with my papa. I think most my relative did that and Dardar thinks this is a good idea~ Can consider for my wedding next time~ to fetch the elderly relative there =)

I realised my cousin's name same as my bro! lols! This must be god telling my bro to faster get married =p

The club prepared this golf club car for the newly wedded couple to march in.. It looked nice!!But the stupid thing was...The couple was standing behind and the manager was driving it~ It looked dumb pls~ Like NDP =.= I think if the groom could drive it in himself and the bride sat beside him~ It would look cool!!

*take note* next time my wedding cannot be this stupid =x hahaha!!

This month I have 3 wedding dinner to attend! OMG~ *prays dun get too fat*

Kisses & Huggies

e||en 11:52 PM

Saturday, June 05, 2010
Jalan Jalan~

Went shop shop for wallet with dardar at town area and had dinner at ajisen!!

My wallet quite cui-ed already lols! Its time for a new one but not so soon.. no work.. no money = no new wallet =( Well my current wallet already with me for 5-6 years le~ can retire already..

oh! went tried one dress as requested from dardar~ he cannot go in so took pic for him to see see~
As for the food at ajisen, not as bad as the very last time I went there.. but not very happy with the service! they took orders without checking or knowing the food still available or not.. sigh~ I tot got ice-cream dorayaki to eat.. =( when asked them for it then they said no more already... bleah!!


Kisses & Huggies~

e||en 11:18 PM

Monday, May 31, 2010
Update update~

okok result took back already... well as usual.. not very good just acceptable~ anyway at least I passed them all~ very happy for it~ but one thing~ I still hate CSC303 lols! irritating to the core~ puis! lols

after exam went out a few times, walk walk with dardar, celebrate mothers' day blah blah~ but didn't really get to go many different places or shopping because no money! zzz lols~ Jiejie's stomach is getting bigger~ Princess Annabelle is coming to join our warm family soon!! ^^ This year celebration for mothers' day, Mama and papa enjoyed a lot~ We went "Dian Xiao Er 店小二" to have lunch. The food was good and they gave every mama one carnation free keke~See they enjoying the food hurhur~
Family photo with the carnation~ and annabelle inside jiejie's stomach lols
Omg 雪蛤 wor!

Went back Adam to work while looking for other job.. But now already Secondary and Primary schools holiday and Adam no work for me yet I still cant find another one T.T sad case~ really broke~ gonna no money eat soon! how sad~ job job please drop from the sky =p

Oh after exam put on so much weight T.T another sad thing~ I will work hard to slim down although I don't think it's easy lols! To achieve that, I've been visiting gym with dardar lately~ managed to slim down SUPER little bit lols but still good!! jiayou!!

Yesterday just went sisters meeting for zhiling's wedding~ haha everyone so excited for it~ special thing this time round.. we have one male "sister" lols! we have planned the gate crashing games for the groom and brothers already hehe!! Beware~ =p
After the meeting, met dardar to watch Doraemon 40th Anniversary show at Marina Square!! I'd got no chance to take photo with him as they only allowed children or people with children to queue up for that, how sad for me but it's ok! Dardar took many videos and photos of the show already~ Doraemon still the cutest ever!!! wahahhaha!! will upload the photos soon!! ^^

Today dardar going back for reservist~ sad, no one accompany me to gym~ should I still go?? sigh~ Dardar's reservist planning is weird~ he's going back for 2 days then next month another 5 days to make it one week... Aww~ hopefully he can meet me later~

Kisses & Huggies

e||en 2:24 AM

Friday, April 30, 2010
One more paper~!!!

Wheeee~ one more paper to go and I M FREE AGAIN(before my dreadful FYP year starts)~~

Last paper.. Next tuesday, the most not interesting paper, most boring, most boring lecturers, most useless subjects. =x Lucky I still got about 3 days to study~ My holiday plan start straight after my last paper! hehe! Iron Man 2!!

Photo taken during this period have not been updated yet.. Will do it when everything end! ^^


huggies & kisses~

e||en 6:58 PM